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Representation matters, which is why we, two women entrepreneurs of color, decided to start a podcast that we can relate to. We want to use the Heart + Hustle podcast to talk about business, relationships, and everything between. Have a topic that you want us to talk about? Submit it to our inbox!


Meet Angelica Yarde

My name is Angelica Yarde and I am the editor and designer of Studio 404. Founded in 2006 and rebranded in 2013, Studio 404 was formerly a design blog known as Static Romance. In January 2014, I launched Studio 404 Paper , a paper shop which includes type-focused greeting cards, note cards, and prints. I currently reside in Celebration, Florida where I co-own a branding strategy studio, Sevenality , with my husband.

Meet Charisma Moran

I’m Charisma (yes, that is my real name.) After 8 years behind the camera, I took my expertise in business and branding and created 725 Creative, a social media and branding firm that specializes in working with creatives and non-profits. Along with my team, I help small business owners and non-profits build an impactful online presence with a focused brand and proven social media strategies. I’m also the editor and CEO of Equal and Forever. When I’m not behind a camera or a computer screen, I am normally blogging, traveling, singing, writing in tiny notebooks, or participating in some form of activism.

I love to express myself creatively though writing, photography, and music. I’m happiest when I am using my creativity to help others.


725 Creative
Equal and Forever


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