#03 – Working with Your Spouse ft. Melissa of Jelly Design Studio + A Design Geek

Running Time: 41 Minutes
Series 1 Episode 3


Welcome to the third episode of the Heart + Hustle podcast. We’re so excited to be talking with our friend Melissa of Jelly Design Studio and A Design Geek. We’re talking about what it’s like to work with our spouse, making business decisions, home-work life, and maybe (a little) too much fandom talk. Enjoy!

Meet the hosts: Angelica Yarde (twitter.com/studio404design) and Charisma Moran (twitter.com/charismamoran)

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About Melissa of Jelly Design Studio + A Design Geek:

Hello! I’m Melissa Bandera, designer and owner here at Jelly Design Studio.

I started Jelly Design Studio in March 2012, but really, it began long before that. As a blogger, I spent many nights coding and designing my own blog. It was in those wee hours of the night that I discovered my true passion — web design.

I’m on a mission to help bloggers and small businesses perfect their online image by providing affordable, custom design and blog templates. It’s a one-woman show here and every part of Jelly Design Studio is handled by me, with love and care.

P.S. Feel free to check out my blog, Blush + Jelly, full of inspiration, food and fashion!

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