#120 – Travel, Creative Living, and Blogging ft. Samantha O’Brochta of Some Call Me Adventurous

Running Time: 78 Minutes
Series 1 Episode 120


Welcome to the one hundred and twentieth episode of the Heart + Hustle podcast.

0:00 – 18:45– We’re sharing our current stuck-at-home obsessions, courtesy of Sweet Daddy Designs’s Instagram template.

18:45 – 1:18:40 We are back to talk with the amazing Samantha O’Brochta of Some Call Me Adventurous. Samantha is a travel blogger, digital strategist, and performance artist. She talks about her time living abroad, how she plans to create creative content, what helps her mental health, and shares key tips on how to break into being a travel blogger.

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Be the representation I didn’t see for myself growing up and to allow space for others to do the same. - Samantha O'Brochta


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About Samantha O'Brochta:

Sam is a creative digital strategist by day and performance artist by night. She's a Pacific Northwest-raised, nomadic-spirited soul who lives between London, New York City, and Seattle. You can follow her adventures and body positivity activism on Instagram @callmeadventurous or view her portfolio at samanthaobrochta.com

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"Be the representation I didn’t see for myself growing up and to allow space for others to do the same." - Samantha O'Brachta

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