#83 – Blogging Full-Time ft. Erica Ligenza of Coming Up Roses

Running Time: 60 Minutes
Series 1 Episode 83


Welcome to the eighty-third episode of the Heart + Hustle podcast. We’re talking to Erica Ligenza of Coming Up Roses about her life as a full-time blogger. We ask Erica about her day-to-day schedule, what tools she manages her content, and how she leverages the power of influencer marketing to work with brands.

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About Erica Ligenza:

I’m Erica, the author of Coming Up Roses. And I’m really friggin’ stoked you’re here. I’m a Philadelphia-based life-and-style blogger, brand strategist, business consultant, newlywed, and wine-and-cheese enthusiast. The Wharton School of Business at UPenn was my four-year home, but there was not a chance in you-know-where that I was ending up on Wall Street. (They don’t like pink enough.)

Now, I live my passion working as a blogger, content creator and digital influencer for brands, as well as creating courses for bloggers (hollah, BossPitch!). I also help businesses and entrepreneurs build brands the right way, creating custom brand, marketing, and social media strategies. I discovered that I’m 100% more fulfilled when I can change your life through changing the way you think about brand-building and your business. And when I can make you believe in yourself a little more and feel a bit more joyful, that’s the icing.

In other news, I’m fueled by strong coffee, loud laughter, a bold lip, and great accessories. I use bobby pins only slightly less than oxygen, I’m one cat short of crazy cat lady status, and I’ve yet to meet a latte or cupcake I didn’t like. I live right outside Philly with my awesome husband and our cats, Moose and Pumpkin.

Tip of the Week

"You're worth more than free." - Erica Ligenza

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