Mini Episode #1 – Impostor Syndrome ft. David Yarde of Sevenality + Create More Good

Running Time: 24 Minutes
Series 1 Episode 10.1


Welcome to our very first mini episode of the Heart + Hustle podcast. Charisma has the flu so we’ll have our regular episode a little later this week. STAY TUNED and send her all of the well wishes. In the meanwhile, Angelica has snagged her husband to talk about Impostor Syndrome and five ways to kick its butt. Enjoy!

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About David Yarde:

David Yarde is a multi-disciplinary creative with a passion for creating more good. He specializes in User Experience Design and Branding and has spent over 10 years working with various brands, teams and companies to uncover problems and implement responsible solutions. He is the author of Explore, a book focused on mastering fear as a creative and using it to develop stronger skills to help others. When not working on Sevenality, he’s busy spending time with his family and occasionally blogging at or tweeting as @dsmy.

Tip of the Week

It doesn’t matter what others are doing. It matters what YOU are doing.

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