Links for the Weekend No. 9

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Welcome back! We chatted all about organization this week and how we have really been focusing on getting our lives together. After our talk, I went home and I cleaned my office and it looks amazing! Today, I want to focus on articles that have really helped me this week and some things that will help you get organized. Let’s get started.

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+ I’m loving all of these colorful newsletter designs that are inspiration for the spring. I’ve been focusing on a bit of a minimal design in my personal newsletter butĀ this makes me want to change things up.

+ Stay organized is one of the ways you can get out of the door earlier in the morning.

+ It’s time to appreciate all of the things you know.

+ These examples of Japanese art and design make me appreciate minimalism in design.

+ Do you want to know how some women get to where they are in their careers? There’s a site for you!

+ What to do when you can’t do it all. Spoiler alert: none of us can do it all.

+ You need to Instagram like you mean it.

+ These are four keys to a very productive workday.

+ Being intentional and creating vision for your life is one way to get your stuff together.

+ Here are some elements of a healthy diet and what you can do to get yourself in order.