#124 – Creating Content for Your City ft. Katie Johnston of Pulptown

Running Time: 58:21
Series 1 Episode 124


Welcome to the one hundred and twenty-fourth episode of the Heart + Hustle podcast.

0:00 – 26:30 – Sharing some insights on what it’s like to live in a state that is doing phased reopening. We’re also sharing tips on what you can do to protect yourself while restrictions are being lightened up on our stay-at-home orders.

26:30 – 58:40 We are talking with Katie Johnston of Pulptown, a local newsletter service that shares information that is happening in the Orlando area. We talk to Katie about her career as a freelance writer, how she built the Pulptown team, and what a day in a content creator looks like.

As a local, live like a tourist. As a tourist, live like a local.

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About Katie Johnston:

Katie Johnston is the founding director of Pulptown, an Orlando-based digital platform, that she helped launch with parent company, WhereBy.Us, in March 2018. Three days a week, she sends a newsletter filled with local news and events that aims to connect Orlandoans over culture, history and civic life. Katie’s freelanced as a writer for local brands, influencers and other publications for more than a decade. When she’s not cranking out a newsletter or posting funny memes (and sometimes witty captions) on Instagram, she’s most likely drinking wine — more oft than not, she’s doing both at the same time. You can connect with her at katie@pulp.town or Akatiej on most social sites.

Tip of the Week

"As a local, live like a tourist. As a tourist, live like a local." - Katie Johnston

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