#130 – From Teaching to Skincare ft. Brandy Varnado of The Black Market Skincare

Running Time: 85 Minutes
Series 1 Episode 130


0:00 – 23:18 – Charisma shares her experience in buying a new MacBook during a global pandemic and why you should invest in yourself. Angelica unpacks the #wherearetheblackdesigners drama and shares some tips on how to better approach a movement as an ally.

23:19 – 85:14 – We are talking with Brandy Varnado of The Black Market Skincare and Brandy Was Here podcast. Brandy shares how she transitioned from being an inner-city school teacher to a full-time entrepreneur to help protect her mental health. She talks about the reality of entrepreneurship and moving beyond the picture-perfect, how she’s sharing her story via her new podcast, and her tips for entrepreneurs who are starting their businesses.

Continuing to fall in love with your business idea is important. - Brandy Varnado

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About Brandy Varnado:

Brandy Varnado is a mother, educator, and entrepreneur living in the SF Bay Area. She began a career in education over 14 years ago in an effort to give back to her community. She is most passionate about equipping individuals with the tools and skills necessary to create economic opportunities for themselves through education and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. A serial entrepreneur, she started her first business at age 11 and is the creator of The Black Market Skincare and the host of her own podcast The Brandy Was Here Podcast.

Tip of the Week

"Make skincare into self-care." - Brandy Varnado

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