Monday Mantra No. 2

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MondayMantra2As a culture, we are a little bit obsessed with time. We want things done and we want them done yesterday. This time obsession often rears it’s ugly head at 6pm on a Friday when I ask myself why I don’t have every single project in my life and career done and perfected. For many entrepreneurs, a new project means a new situation in which we will obsess over how fast or slow our progression is. Even though we know that sometimes doing a job well takes time, it is hard to remember in the moment when we are excited about the possibilities of a new project, opportunity, or creation.

This week I have multiple projects in the work. Some will be completed this week or the next while others will not be completed until a few months from now. I am going to challenge myself to remember that slow progression is better than no progression. It is more important to take the time to get things right the first time around. In the end, I will save the time that mistakes made from rushing may cost me. Whether it’s in the board room, the gym, or your home office, challenge yourself to work at a pace that is both efficient and productive while also being healthy. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on any progress that you make, regardless of how long it takes to get there.

Are you dealing with slow progression in parts of your life or business? Tell us about it and share what you are doing to work through it using the hashtag #BossSoHard.