Links for the Weekend No. 11

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I’m so happy for the end of the week to be here! We have some great plans to close out April and some exciting shows for the month of May. In case you missed it, on Wednesday we switched gears and talked about anxiety and the stigma against mental illnesses. I suggest you take a listen because it’s a really great episode where Charisma gets real. I have some awesome links to share with you this week so let’s get started!

+ Now is an amazing time to get started listening to podcasts.

+ You probably need a social media audit.

+ Check out what I had to say with four other black women on our vision for the tech future on Huffington Post.

+ Emily Henderson shows us how a blog post gets made.

+ It’s time to start practicing being your future self.

+ There is a crazy downward and upward spiral when it comes to health and productivity.

+ Here is an 8-step checklist to taking a business risk.

+ Speaking of podcasts we love, season 2 of the Creative Mornings podcast is starting.

+ Here is how to build and maintain a great relationship with your blog readers.

+ Love this story Becka shared about how her life has changed.