Links for the Weekend No. 13

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Welcome back! I know it’s imperative to reach out to you guys today because it’s a holiday weekend and what better way to be thankful for the troops than to be your very best business self? This week we talked all about our day-to-day schedules and everything we do to keep our ships moving. There’s only a few more weeks until you can see Charisma and I here in Orlando at the Women in Business Speaker Series so be sure to grab your tickets before they sell out! Now, let’s keep it moving!

+ 17Hats can be pretty complicated but Caitlin shares how she set up her workflows in some ways that might help you out!

+ It’s important to make your blog readers a community and here are some ways on how to do just that.

+ Breanna’s post on bookkeeping and money management is the perfect precedent to next week’s money episode.

+ I love Ericka’s thoughts on fame and fortune so much.

+ Here are 40 secrets to help you brainstorm great ideas over the weekend.

+ We’ve shared some of our biggest failures before. Losing your first big client can be an awful feeling.

+ How is your client discovery project? Former guest David Yarde (and mostly husband) shared our discovery process on the Creative Agency Podcast.

+ Remember when we talked about burnout? Here are ten signs to tell when you’re approaching that spot in your life.

+ Queen Viola Davis is talking with Aisha Tyler on the Girl on Guy podcast and it’s so inspiring.

+ I’m loving all of the design details of Angela’s girls staycation.