Links for the Weekend No. 14

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I can’t believe it’s June already! This week we spent time with the lovely Michelle Bobrow of The Holistic Wallet talking all about money. We’re also gearing up for next weekend with the Women in Business Speaker Series. There are so many things that the Internet graced us with this week so let’s get started.

+ Our friend Melissa shared a fancy pineapple wallpaper for the month of June.

+ On the topic of finances, here are four small ways businesses can do better.

+ Seth Godin wants us to read more blogs and he’s not wrong.

+ Speaking of blogging, it’s not dead.

+ I loved these thoughts on consuming versus producing.

+ Shauna is sharing her insights on the first three years of running a creative business.

+ This is the importance of podcasters of color.

+ This set of invitations and other paper products makes the word twilight a reality.

+ Why or why not you should consider freelancing.

+ Last week, we talked about our day-to-day schedules, but here are some morning routines of highly successful bloggers.

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