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Welcome back! Friends, we’ve talked about this several times but the summer was atrociously difficult to get anything done. Now that we’re back on our regularly scheduled programs and #PSL is back in our lives, we can commit to being better bloggers. This week, we had no guests! The two of us talked in great detail about business growth and evolution and it’s an episode you won’t want to miss. Let’s get into this week’s links!

+ Loving this list of five books to read for fall for #InternationalLiteracyDay.

+ My lovely friend, Kelly Brito of ForCreativepreneurs, has some free stock photos available this week on CreativeMarket.

+ Here is the rundown on the iPhone 7. Spoiler alert: new earphones.

+ I love what Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie had to say about motherhood.

+ There are just a few things you should do before hiring a designer.

+ It’s fall but there should always be room for palm frond desktop wallpapers.

+ The introverts guide to networking is a must-read and our episode on being introverts is a great companion.

+ This beginner’s guide to starting an art collection is my life right now.

+ Consider being mindful when sharing photos on social media.

+ I finally got some time write about our time in NYC and I shared some first-timer tips on visiting the big city.

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