Links for the Weekend No. 2

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Happy Friday! I’m so sad I wasn’t able to share links last week but I came down with the worst cold last week. We found so many great links this week in regards to newsletters. I can’t wait to continue to build resources for making a newsletter that’s worth reading.

+ Kory Woodard shared 4 Reasons People Unsubscribe from Your Mailing List. We co-sign 100%.

+ We’re loving this list of 185 Black Women in Tech that Jeneba put together. I may or may not have been included with a list of great women who are doing amazing things for the community. #GOALS

+ We love reading books on how to be better entrepreneurs. This list of 25 best books for entrepreneurs by Inc is great.

+ Really Good Emails is helping you learn how to redesign an email digest.

+ Learn how to get your inbox in order.

+ #Adulting can be hard but our friends at Joblogues are sharing 5 ways to make new friends as an adult.

+ It’s possible to turn your passion into a career so don’t give up.

+ If you’re in need of some adorableness this weekend, two of my favorite creatives have started the Harmony & Earl project. Dog lovers rejoice!

+ Let’s get real about idea stealing.

+ We love this clip about having a passionate audience versus having a massive audience on social media.

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