Links for the Weekend No. 1

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Links for the Weekend - Heart + Hustle Podcast

Hi friends! It’s the end of the week and we have some links to share that will help you get through the weekend. Every week we’ll be sharing a list of links all about business, life, and being a creative. Don’t forget to try some of the things we shared about time management and balance.

+ Breanna Rose of Rowan Made shared how she has created systemized client onboarding.

+ Are you just starting out? Caitlin Powell shares some tips on how she landed her first clients.

+ Bloggers learn how to organize and plan your content a month (or more) in advance.

+ For the past two years, Angelica has enjoyed attending  the Creative South conference and is excited to attend this year. Here are 16 other design conferences you could attend this year.

+ Charisma’s #AskABossLady series launched this week. Every week she’ll be sharing some expertise from a few amazing boss ladies, including our friend Melissa of Jelly Design Studio.

+ Speaking of Melissa, she shared three tips on how to shake of negativity. Just #ShakeItOff.

+ How is your inbox doing thus far this year? Here are five tools to make your inbox work better.

+ I know you’re making your inbox work better. Why not fill it with amazing creative newsletters?

+ Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz are another pair for our mom/daughter goals.

+ Holly of decor8 wants to know if blogs will survive in 2016. Such a great read, especially if you’ve been blogging for as long as we have.

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