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TGIF! It’s Valentine’s Day Weekend. What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Deadpool? I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day celebrating the Lunar New Year and attending a wedding with my dear friends. We had a great time discussing social media on this week’s episode of the podcast. We shared what has worked for us, why Facebook groups are amazing, and how stay organized and authentic makes for a great Periscope. There are so many great links this week so let’s get started.

+ Fellow podcaster Jen Carrington shared what she’s learned in her first year as a creative coach.

+ Earlier this week, we shared five amazing podcasts by black women. Here are a few more podcasts that bloggers should be listening to.

+ January 1st isn’t the end-all date for setting goals. Starting setting great goals by reading this list of tips for setting definitive goals.

+ We have talked about how investing in good design helps with newsletters. Lauren of Elle & Co. shares her secret to creating eye-catching blog graphics.

+ E-courses are an amazing way to generate passive income but knowing where to start can be a process. Amanda Genther has helped out by sharing how she designer her e-course.

+ Shauna of Nubby Twiglet/We Are Branch has always been amazing. This week she shared some tips on creating client processes, earning client respect, and how to charge more for your work.

+ One question. What’s keeping you from doing what you love and getting paid?

+ E-mail communication is crucial for your business. Learn how to craft a professional email from the ladies at Think Creative Collective.

+ No one wins the comparison game. There is no winning when you compare yourself to other people. Missy shared some tips on how to hold up your hustle when you’re feeling discouraged.

+ I love all of the articles on client relationships. Here’s another from Breanna of Rowan Made on happy clients.

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