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5 Podcasts by Black Women - Heart + Hustle Podcast

One of the many reasons we started the podcast was to add our voices, experiences, and and expertise in a space that seemed to be surrounded by people who didn’t look like us. I have been listening to podcasts for the past two years or so and there is so many things I love about them. I love the variety of topics and the people who create them. However, as a creative entrepreneur who is a woman of color, I noticed there were things that I couldn’t relate to in the space of developer and designer podcasts that I love. Often when the topic of diversity came up, it was usually handled surprisingly well. There were those few times when it was dealt with very poorly, often swept under the rug, which left me with no  other choice but to unsubscribe.

In my offline life, I seek solace with two other creative entrepreneurs. By coincidence only and through conversation did I realize that we are three women of color and are represented in a small way in the podcasting world. We aren’t serial entrepreneurs. We are usually behind the scenes. You have probably never heard of us. We love what we do. Our businesses are our lives. It’s ingrained in every portion of our relationships. We do have voices. We have stories of failure and success. We have years of experience in our industries. It seemed like a no-brainer to create this space through conversation with Charisma.

Now that we have this space, I know the importance of sharing those who created something for themselves in a space where it’s not easy to get your voice heard. I wanted to share five amazing podcasts that were created and are hosted by black women. Sometimes finding new podcasts can be hard so these lists are where I find some of my favorites. I cannot explain how much I have grown to adore each of these podcasts in their own way so let’s get started.

5. Black Girls Talking

Black Girls Talking Podcast

If you ever needed to feel like you’re in the company of your girlfriends, Black Girls Talking is what you should be listening to. Hosted by four women, black girls talking covers a variety of topics including representation, beauty, and pop culture. I’ve gotten to know so many things and learn about some amazing women through listening to this podcast. It is also the best when you’re working alone and there’s no one else to discuss Scandal with.

You should listen to Black Girls Talking if you enjoy long Sunday brunches with your girlfriend and embrace a carefree black girl lifestyle.

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4. Mattieologie

Mattieologie The Podcast


Mattie James is far from your average fashion blogger. She has taken her six year-old blog and turned it into a mini-empire including a blog coaching business and two podcasts. If you’ve never heard of Mattieologie, you’ve more than likely see Mattie featured on your favorite Pinterest style board. She makes looking amazing look effortless and also offers content worth learning on her podcast. As a blogger of ten years, there are only things I know you learn through longevity and knowing Mattie has history puts her at the top of my list. She is also very easy to listen to and keeps it extremely real. Bonus, her podcast with her husband, Mattie & Chris, is super adorable.

You should listen to Mattieologie if you are a blogger who enjoys learning. Bonus points if you own more than one tube of lipstick.

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3. Black Girl Nerds

Black Girl Nerds

We are nerds by nature. I don’t remember a time in my life before comic books and geek culture. Charisma is Potterhead. The Black Girls Nerd podcast is about all things nerd-culture for people of color. I remember growing up and being the only black girl in school who could tell you Rogue’s origin story. It was hard to find girls who cared too much about Toonami which resulted in me sitting with groups of guys arguing over whether or not Cartoon Network would get the rights to Dragon Ball GT. Fast forward to today, my daughter probably won’t ever have that problem. Podcasts like Black Girls Nerds have brought forward incredible projects by people of color and getting rid of the image of what a nerd looks like. Nerds also have big afros and can milly rock with the best of them.

You should listen to Black Girl Nerds if you embrace the blerd lifestyle. You too probably have more than one tube of lipstick for everyday and cosplay reasons.

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2. Another Round

Another Round Podcast

Charisma made me listen to Another Round and it’s sort of amazing.I love to laugh. I think it’s therapeutic and it gets me through the craziest of days. No one has made me laugh more in the past two weeks than Heben and Tracy. Another Round is a podcast that discusses pop culture, race, gender and more in a way that you love. The format is easy to follow, in a way that Buzzfeed has mastered through their YouTube presence. This is such a fun podcast which is a good break when you’ve been binging on development podcasts.

You should listen to Another Round if have ever binged on Buzzfeed videos and took way too many Buzzfeed quizzes. Spoiler alert: we all have.

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1. Joblogues

Joblogues Podcast

Joblogues is the long lost sister podcast we didn’t even know we had. When Charisma and I began talking about starting a podcast well over a year ago, we didn’t know of anything that sounded close to what we wanted to do. Shortly after launching, I learned about Joblogues and fell in love. Joblogues is a podcast that focuses on career conversations from people all over the world. Joymarie and Cortney do an amazing job of discussing their career journeys, offering career advice, and talking about how to live to your fullest in the corporate world. If Joblogues existed years ago, I’m not sure I would have ever made the jump. Having honest conversation about what it takes to really move around in your career is worth so much and now there are to people who are having this conversation every week. I could go on and on and on but right now Joblogues has our heart.

You should listen to Joblogues if you are seeking career advice or you enjoy the Heart + Hustle podcast.

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