Links for the Weekend No. 5

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Welcome back for another round of amazing links for the weekend. We are still sending Charisma all of our well wishes as she’s recovering from the flu. She’s doing somewhat better and we’ll be shipping out a new episode soon! I will be in Miami today just to see some sights while David gives a talk on delivering products to clients. Enough about us, there are so many links to keep you busy this weekend!

+ This article from Autumn Hachley about business-based blogging and being true to yourself speaks to me on another level.

+ Charisma and I are both INFJs and this article about how extroverted introverts interact with the world was spot on.

+ 40 Black Artists, Designers, Chefs, and Entrepreneurs

+ While we’re on introvert-alert, Jen shared some ways to create an intentional, fulfilling, and effective routine for introverted creatives.

+ Disney is the world’s most powerful brand in 2016.

+ Change your money mindset. These are four ways female entrepreneurs stay broke.

+ Channing Dungey is the first black person to run a major broadcast television network. Thanks #TGIT!

+ Kelly Edmonds get so real about building a course.

+ Kate is sharing her seven tactics to staying booked this year.

+ Why aren’t you delegating?

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