Links for the Weekend No. 12

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Happy Friday! I hope you’re having a great week. We talked to Nicole of Sparkly Ever After this week about making social media magical. Sunday is Mother’s Day but more importantly, today Captain America: Civil War is out and we all know that takes precedent. I wanted to share what I have found inspiring and interesting this week so let’s get started.

+ I absolutely love this article from Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow about blogging and making money. She’s very transparent about how much she makes on sponsored content and why bloggers deserve to be taken seriously.

+ I can co-sign a lot of the things listed here about conferences but I love that solutions were offered. Looking forward to seeing everyone implement these in their conferences.

+ Here are some great words on how to overcome the negativity trap.

+ Don’t make hashtags complicated.

+ We have talked about time tracking in the past but here’s why you should track your time even if you don’t charge by the hour.

+ Regina keeps it real about the six-figure blogger trend and why you shouldn’t get caught up.

Working from home can be a struggle.

+ Shauna shares some tips on how to land your ideal job.

+ This advice about going freelance is fantastic.

+ Since I shared something about conferences, here’s an organizer’s thoughts on her blogging conference experience.